Work Ethics

At The Workgear Company we work with some the World's largest clothing manufacturers and suppliers but also small local manufacturers. We see this as an important mix to offer diverse product and a complete apparel solution programme. As part of this we see it as our responsibility to manufacture and work with suppliers that source products using methods that support our planet and the people in it.

Production facilites are constantly inspected to ensure quality and manufacturing standards consistently maximize on technological advancements from within the textile industry.

We are dedicated to those who contribute to our product, both those directly involved and also our extended family of workers. Their care, safety, work conditions and fair pay are a primary concern.

We continually adopt methods to help curb environmental effects. From working out ways of reusing material cut offs and minimizing our waste products to how we package our product, reusing packaging where possible.

Keep our planet and people safe.

Team Workgear.