Collection: AS COLOUR

Established in 2005 in Auckland, New Zealand, AS Colour has grown from humble beginnings in Central Auckland to now operate five distribution facilities and twenty-five retail locations across the US, UK, AU and NZ.


As a company, they firmly believe that longer-lasting products are better for the environment. By creating exceptional quality garments built to last, they aim to reduce waste and encourage conscious consumption.


Their foundation for quality is set around the fit, fabric, and finish. These three pillars guide them in every step of our design and manufacturing process. The combination of the perfect fit, high-quality fabric and exceptional finish is what makes AS Colour the top choice for quality in the industry.


They understand the importance of responsible manufacturing, ethical practices and work closely with their suppliers to ensure fair labour conditions and environmental responsibility throughout their supply chain. Their goal is to build the best blank apparel, built to last for you to place your ideas on.


Quality is key | Built to last