Originating back to 1923 when 2 brothers and a cousin decided to try their luck at selling bib overalls. They wanted to ensure comfort and durability and offer an unprecedented service... what happened was a success and the business grew throughout the United States and then overseas. 

Red Kap is part of the VF Imagewear group who own and manufacture the likes of Jan Sport, Northface, Lee and Wrangler so the quality of the product never been in question.

Throughout the years Red Kap clothes have been tried and tested, designs improved and reinvented and Red Kap continuously patents new designs. Their workwear products might feature Touchtex TM  technology, with its 'superior colour retention, soil release and wickability'; Work NMotion (R) fabric designed for 'permanent comfort during wear with memory stretch yarns for added flexibility'. TRUBLACK means your black garments resist fading after washing.

Need a women's fit? Many items have a woman's companion fit to ensure uniforms are consistent in design but adaptable to gender.

 How do Red Kap summarise themselves?



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